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Bankruptcy Attorney in Bellflower

Stuck in a cycle of debt? Take action today and call the Law Office of Raymond J. Seo to find out how you can obtain debt relief. Attorney Seo will thoroughly investigate your situation and recommend the best options for you, whether that be loan modification, negotiation, or bankruptcy.

Here are some of the ways that we are set apart from other firms in the Bellflower area:

  • Reasonable prices and flexible payment plans
  • Initial consultation at no charge
  • Weekend appointments available
  • Benefits of an attorney extensive knowledge and a history of success
  • Assistance with credit restoration after the bankruptcy process

Not convinced? Take a look at testimonials from our past clients to learn how they have benefitted from Attorney Seo's representation.

With over a decade of experience and a history of past success, clients can trust Attorney Seo to guide them to financial stability. Get in touch with our firm today to let us help you leave financial burdens behind.

Is bankruptcy right for you?

If you are still unsure that bankruptcy is the best course of action, then don't hesitate to schedule your free case evaluation with Attorney Seo. He will analyze your case and let you know how he can help. While sometimes a bankruptcy alternative is available, bankruptcy may be the option that will allow you to get rid of your debt and get a fresh start.

There are two different chapters of bankruptcy that you may qualify for: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Attorney Seo will determine your eligibility and navigate you through the complex bankruptcy process, making sure that you maximize your assets.

How to File for Bankruptcy in Bellflower

Assuming you have now determined which type of bankruptcy is right for your situation, the first step in filing for bankruptcy is finding the correct forms to file. Whether you are filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition or a Chapter 13 petition, you should always read the instructions very carefully before filling out the forms. Many people begin the process on their own and soon discover that the process is quite difficult and complex, and turn for help to a Bellflower bankruptcy attorney from our firm.

At our bankruptcy law firm, the Law Office of Raymond J. Seo, we have seen many self-filed bankruptcy petitions rejected by the court for failure to attach all proper documentation or the failure to complete all of the questions in the form. There are 16 or more parts to the form which will need to be filled out for a Chapter 7 petition, depending upon your assets.

Once you have completed the form and have attached all of the supporting documentation which is required, the package must be filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court Clerk in your particular region. In California, the filing fee is $306.00 for a Chapter 7 petition and $281.00 for a Chapter 13 petition. The forms can be filed in person, by mail, or if an attorney files the documents for you, they must be e-filed.

Contact the Law Office of Raymond J. Seo

The most prudent way to file for bankruptcy is to seek out the professional assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. At our firm, we have prepared and filed dozens of bankruptcy petitions for our Bellflower clients. The hiring of a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer will save you time and headaches when filing for bankruptcy. Delays caused by incomplete forms, improper venue, or other common problems historically faced by self-filers can be avoided when utilizing a bankruptcy lawyer.

Don't wait to begin working with our firm! We are eager to begin guiding you to a better future. To get started, call our office at (888) 488-8513 or fill out our online contact form today!

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    We treat each client with respect and dignity and ensure the highest quality of professionalism for each individual. We see our clients as people first, not paychecks.

  • Lower Fees

    Our firm also proudly offers significantly lower fees than other large firms and direct access to the attorney working on your case.

  • Personalized Strategies

    We stay abreast of the changing bankruptcy laws and concerns so that we are always prepared because we understand that your case is unique to you.