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How to Avoid Repossession of Your Vehicle

It can be a depressing and humiliating experience to have your car or vehicle repossessed. This can be particularly stressful when your transportation to work, childcare, and other important destinations has suddenly just disappeared. Whether you have had a vehicle repossessed or you know that this will happen soon, we can help.

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When is repossession legal?

Under state law, a lender can repossess your car if you are even 1 day late on your payments. Repossession agents are subject to certain rules.

  • They may not "breach the peace" when taking your vehicle.
  • They may not take it over your objections, use force, or haul it away with you in it.
  • They many not break into a garage or trick the code on your security gate.
  • They may not pretend to be law enforcement, and they must give you an opportunity to get your belongings out of the vehicle.

You may be entitled to compensation if a repossession agent breached the peace while taking your car. Many lenders fail to comply with the post-repossession disclosure requirements under state law. If the notice is defective, you should not owe a deficiency balance after they sell your car at auction, and it should not show on your credit report.

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