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Bankruptcy Isn't Always the Answer Contact Us and Speak to Our Attorneys About Alternatives to Bankruptcy

What are the alternatives to bankruptcy?

Get debt counseling from an experienced Cerritos bankruptcy lawyer!

If you are struggling under a load of financial debt, then get debt relief options from the Law Office of Raymond J. Seo. Our main priority is to make sure that our clients are rid of their money problems and able to start fresh.

While bankruptcy can sometimes be the best way to achieve this, there are also other options that you can try first:

  • Calling your creditors and settling your debt. Explain your situation and tell them that you're considering bankruptcy. They may be able to provide you with an alternative payment plan.
  • Refinancing a loan. You may be able to get lower payment or interest rates by refinancing your mortgage or car loans. Make sure you read the terms very carefully; however, because refinancing is not always a good option.
  • Transferring credit card balance. If one of your credit cards has a much higher interest rate, you may be able to transfer the balance to a card with a lower interest rate.
  • Enrolling in a credit counseling or debt management programs. Credit assistance classes can help you manage your debt and figure out ways to help you avoid bankruptcy. If you are a part of these classes, your creditors may offer benefits like lower monthly payments, reduced interest rates, or no late fees!

In addition to all these things, there are some situations in which debtors have been targeted by unscrupulous lenders. If you've been a victim of loan fraud or predatory lending, then we may be able to litigate on your behalf, releasing all debt obligations! The only way to find out is to call our office and set up a free consultation!

Why do I need to speak with a lawyer about my debt?

At our firm, we can assess your financial situation and let you know how to proceed. Before you dive into bankruptcy, there may be a better way to handle your debt! By meeting with Attorney Seo, you can get a professional opinion and potentially save yourself a lot of trouble.

Attorney Seo has 20 years of experience helping clients get debt relief and his work has been recognized by Avvo®, who gave him the Client's Choice Award. Our firm offers competitive pricing, and we make sure that our prices our fair. Call the office today to get a free case evaluation!

Why Hire the Law Offices of Raymond J. Seo

  • We See Our Clients
    as People First

    We treat each client with respect and dignity and ensure the highest quality of professionalism for each individual. We see our clients as people first, not paychecks.

  • Lower Fees

    Our firm also proudly offers significantly lower fees than other large firms and direct access to the attorney working on your case.

  • Personalized Strategies

    We stay abreast of the changing bankruptcy laws and concerns so that we are always prepared because we understand that your case is unique to you.