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Are you experiencing financial difficulty from your heavy debt burden? Get relief options from a seasoned lawyer with more than a decade of experience. At the Law Office of Raymond J. Seo, we thoroughly analyze your situation and come up with the best possible strategy to help you maximize your assets.

Our team listens to your goals and makes recommendations based off of your own personal desires. In some cases, we can negotiate with creditors to reduce debt or modify loans, which will assist you in paying off your debt. Other times, bankruptcy is the right course of action, as it will help you get a fresh start on your debt.

Navigating You Through the Bankruptcy Process

Attorney Seo's goal is to educate you about the bankruptcy process and successfully resolve your case so that you can move on with your life. We will identify your qualifications and discuss which chapter you are eligible to file for: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, known as liquidation bankruptcy, is for low-income families that do not have income to pay off their debts. Chapter 7 will allow them to discharge debts after eligible assets are sold to pay off the debts. Certain assets are exempt from being sold, so make sure that you consult with our team before pursuing Chapter 7.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy, known as reorganization bankruptcy, is for everybody else who doesn't qualify for Chapter 7. It allows debtors to discharge debt after paying a certain percentage of the debt off according to a repayment plan. Our firm can help you develop an effective plan that will allow you to get rid of as much debt as possible.

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We can not only offer representation for your bankruptcy case, but also for post-bankruptcy matters, such as rebuilding your credit. Ask Attorney Seo about your bankruptcy case today!

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